EWMI was founded and launched in September 2006 by Apostle Christ Kwabla. The guest speaker at the launching was Prophet Atsu Manasseh from Watered Gardens Ministry. The Ministry initially started from a rented residence at Ashongman Estates, House number H5 behind a popular spot called Aggie Spot.

Six people comprising Apostle Christ Kwabla, Nana Pokua Kwabla (the wife), Selassie Chris-David Kwabla (the son), Owusua (their help) and John Asabil (aka Apogi) attended the first Sunday.

The had a wonderful time together in the living room. The decision to start was not an easy one since the call of God became very strong and the Lord Jesus Christ was doing many signs and wonders. Apostle Christ was not sure of what to do at a time but with the support from his wonderful wife, Nana Pokua Kwabla encouraged him to move on. Amidst many prayers, he took the bull by the horn and started.

The Church proceeded with all-night at that time every Friday until our neighbours started complaining that we are disturbing them. We decided to continue with the all-night amid the complaint but tone down a little on the noise. The church started increasing in number and we moved from the living room to the compound of the house raising canopies each Sunday. Whiles on the compound of the house under canopies, the church was without instrument except “Konka’’ that became the pulpit during preaching. After a year, the Church moved to Atomic Hills Demonstration Class 6 room. Here the Church continued with a small congregation and continue the all-night until Apostle Kwabla had a duty call to travel to South Africa for a work assignment. Apostle Christ Kwabla combined Banking work with the ministry at the same time and added a Master’s Program besides.

Apostle Christ Kwabla’s bosom friend Pastor Worlanyo Seth Banu (aka Babatunde) who randomly pay a visit to the church at that time volunteered to take care of the church together with one old school mate Pastor Wisdom Asigbui whiles on assignment in South Africa for four (4) months. Pastor Worlanyo and the family continue with the church until date whiles Pastor Wisdom left shortly after Apostle Christ resumption. We are so determined to take the world for Jesus and therefore vehemently pursuing our mission-oriented goals to preach Christ wherever we are and make His power known to all generations.

The main object of the Church shall be to teach and preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and continue steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine, breaking of bread, fellowship and prayers. In furtherance of this object, the activities and programmes of the Church shall be organized in a manner as:


Our Mission

Is to evangelize to the Whole World and made known of the power of the Gospel of Christ in our generation

Our Vision

The Vision for Eaglewings Ministries International Church  is to preach Christ to the whole World and equipping, mobilizing and transforming to the full stature of Jesus Christ


(1) To encourage and promote evangelism;

(2) To provide a basis of fellowship among Christians of the faith that will receive the teachings and the Government of the Church by forming and establishing Branches;

(3) To receive tithes, offerings, donations, and gifts and to raise funds by biblical means for the use of the work of the church;

(4) To establish and maintain departments and institutions such as Bible Schools, Health facilities, Agricultural projects, Educational Institutions, Printing Presses, Bookshops, and any other venture as may be necessary for the propagation of the Gospel and work of the Church.