About Us


Eaglewings Ministries International is a registered charismatic Ministry in Ghana which started in the Year 2006 to provide hope for the hopeless, to preach Jesus Christ, train and develop leaders all over the world and to extend the love of God to generations worldwide. The church started at Ashongman Estate, a suburb in Accra (Ghana) in the living room (Hall) of the general overseer with my family of three (3). This is a growing church that believe in the engrafted word of God, the anointing and the power of Holy Spirit. We also believe in raising men and women that will evade the camp of the enemies and dislodge things in the realm of the spirit by their prayers

Our Objectives

1. To train and develop people to the full potential of Jesus Christ (leadership and spiritual development)

2. To equip people with Vocational skills especially single mothers and school drop-outs

3. To manifest the true nature of Jesus Christ to the world

Our Mission

Is to evangelize to the Whole World and made known of the power of the Gospel of Christ in our generation

Our Vision

The Vision for Eaglewings Ministries International Church  is to preach Christ to the whole World and equipping , mobilizing and transforming to the full stature of Jesus Christ