The children Ministry


The Children’s Ministry, which is the children’s wing of the Church, meets on Sundays The Children’s Ministry trains children along with biblical precepts of balanced growth. This includes lessons on Salvation, Worship and Obedience. It supports such training with games, quizzes and Sword Drills. Additionally, it ministers to primary schools, orphans and organizes vacation Bible schools and camp meetings. It also conducts counselling sessions, organizes media evangelism, and carries out other specialized children-related activities

Counseling Ministry


EagleWings Ministries is committed to helping our church family as they grow to become mature believers. The process of discipleship is a focus of all the ministries at our church. Biblical counselling resources include useful studies and tools designed to benefit all Christians in becoming more like Christ through the Word and counselling for our members in need can help them to face life issues and problems.

Church counsellors are professionals who have received extensive training in the skills of listening, clarifying and goal setting. Through prayerful submission to the leading of God, we offer a biblical response to personal, marital and family needs.

Women’s Ministries

Besides a core function of praying for the Church, the Women’s Ministry, which embraces all the womenfolk, is responsible for giving employable and vocational skills, and training in home management to the women. It meets on Wednesdays

The Women’s Ministry organizes retreats, seminars, workshops, lectures and symposia in all spheres of life, including

(i)  Marriage enrichment, wives’ responsibilities at home, child welfare, care and education

(ii)  Business management and techniques. It also carries out evangelism, counselling and sponsorship activities to help the needy in the church and the society.


Evangelistic Ministry 


This Ministry undertakes gospel rallies, crusades, conventions, house-to-house evangelism, and other forms of evangelism, etc. These include preaching, witnessing, winning and discipleship to wins souls, and encouraging church members to participate in the programmes and activities of the Church and to further expose them to the various ministries within the Church. It allows members of the Church to plan and organize programmes and activities for evangelism in villages, towns and cities and other specialized evangelism- related ministries. It also carries out counselling sessions and ministers to prisoners and Rastafarians, emerging religious groups, the physically challenged, drug addicts, politicians and in hospitals; organizes beach and any other specialized areas of evangelism.

Youth Ministry


The Youth Ministry takes care of the youth of the Church. The Ministry carries out evangelism, i.e., preaches, witnesses and wins souls; encourages the youth to participate fully in the programmes and activities of the Church and further exposes them to the various ministries within the Church. It affords the youth the full opportunity to plan and organize programmes and activities for evangelism in schools, colleges and the tertiary institutions, and encourages them to develop their gifts and qualities of leadership, plan and organize programmes and activities that meet the peculiar needs and aspirations of the youth as well as carrying out other specialized youth-related ministries.

Men Ministries


The Men’s Ministry organizes seminars, workshops, lectures and symposia on all aspects of life including Marriage enrichment, husbands’ responsibilities at home, child care and education; business management and techniques; leadership and responsibility in the Church and the State; current affairs at both national and international levels; the teaching of basic principles of domestic law and other specialized men-related ministries.

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